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I have worked in the concrete business for over 25 years and have started my own business. All products are hand-made from mixing the cement to the finish work. My products are also guaranteed.

About Concrete Yard Decor

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         All products are guaranteed not to crack or crumble, and will be replaced if either of these occur. However this does not include cracks or crumbling brought on by damaged or improper care of the product. Concrete is susceptible to damage by other heavy objects and will chip or crack if dropped, which is not covered by warranty. For example: bird bathes/fountain bowls should be taken down or covered in the winter, if not, the freezing of the water in the bowls can crack or damage the surface causing them to start crumbling.

          Concrete is an imperfect product, there will always be minor imperfections such as color variations, air holes and over time surface cracking also known as spider web cracking. Spider web cracking is natural and is only on the surface, unlike open cracks that allow water to get between them.

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